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Input your business details into the calculator below to learn how much revenue you can potentially generate with your email list using ConvertKit.*

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Every creator and their list is different, so please input numbers that reflect your email list, as we calculate the potential monthly revenue based on the data that you provide.
The default average open rate is 42%, based on ConvertKit accounts in the last 12 months.

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Every creator monetizes and promote their lists differently. Your output is based on various factors, such as your inputs, time spent, industry averages, and market fluctuations. This calculation is just a sample forecast—it is not a guarantee.

Subscription-based email newsletter.

The number of paid subscribers you currently have.
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Hassle-free newsletter sponsorship advertising through ConvertKit Sponsor Network for lists with over 10k subscribers.

Based on historical data of brand sponsorships we sold through ConvertKit Sponsor Network, the average revenue per thousand opens is $15.

Get paid to recommend creators with the Creator Network.

Digital product, course, or coaching sales made specifically through email marketing.

Avg. potential monthly revenue over 12 months**

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Avg. potential monthly revenue over 12 months**
**Potential monthly revenue take into account ConvertKit costs and transaction fees incurred from different monetization tools in the calculator. See (?) buttons by each input category for more information about the calculations.

Potential list earnings & growth

Paid Newsletter
Paid Recommendations

*Calculations performed by the Potential Revenue Calculator (Calculator) are based partly on data and assumptions provided by you, and partly on ConvertKit’s reasonable estimates and assumptions of typical user and product behavior. Monthly averages are calculated every month using the category formulas, assuming 1 year of new user growth and dividing by 12. (See formulas in (?) buttons for calculations for each input category).

Calculator results may not be applicable or accurate for individual circumstances and quality of your newsletter design/content may affect results. Calculator should not be the sole basis for any business or product purchase decisions on your part. The calculations are not a replacement for a thorough financial analysis and marketing strategy specific to your business.

ConvertKit does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any of the service, information, calculations, estimates, methods, products, or results contained in, or resulting from, this Calculator. ConvertKit makes no representations that potential revenue are only attributable to ConvertKit (e.g., versus your current revenue or organic subscriber growth). By using the Calculator, you agree that any reliance on this Information is, at your risk. ConvertKit reserves the right, at its discretion and without any obligation, to update the Calculator and Information, including by updating any Information (“or resulting from, this Calculator (together, Information)”).

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